Main Floor

Champions Room

So much of Shy’s memorabilia illustrates the love he had for hockey and in particular, his passion for the Toronto Maple Leafs. The Champions Room highlights the Maple Leafs’ Stanley Cup Championship Teams and Cup highlights from the 20s to 60s. All from his collection.

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Legends Room

In assembling my Dad’s memorabilia, there can be no doubt about his love for hockey and the passion he had for select players. There was no difficulty determining his idols given the number of ‘cutouts’ he had for each. This room contains his favorite players as well as players we cheered together. His understanding and recognition of talent was phenomenal. Almost every favorite player of his and players we chose together (really him) have become Hall of Fame. All except one, Eddie Shack. But how could you not include Eddie as a favorite player from the 60’s?

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The Bar

Early in my Dad’s life one couldn’t distinguish his favorite teams or players between Boston, Toronto and Montreal. It became clear after the Leafs won the Stanley Cup in ’32 that his loyalty was forever passionately directed toward the Leafs. Regardless of the team, he was particularly ‘fired up’ about line combinations and teammates that excited the league. We have chosen our bar to highlight a number of spectacular hockey line combinations that dominated the sport for decades.

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Upper Floor

Kennedy Room

With a featured collection of LIFE magazines powerfully exhibiting the Kennedy Family experience, one gets a true sense of what we fondly remember as ’Camelot’.

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Shy’s Den

Thoughtfully designed for private meetings complete with audio/visual media, perhaps for ‘closing the sale’, this room houses some of my Dad’s most personal collections. Books, LIFE magazines, records and ‘kids’ stuff’ highlight the interest in a room dedicated to his favorites.

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The Birds Nest

Designed for a more intimate setting, Shy’s has created an upper level lounge suited best for a quieter setting serving vintage scotches, whiskeys and wines. We have called this room the Bird’s Nest because it houses Dad’s Blue Jay Championship memorabilia.

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Windsor Room

Surrounded by the majesty of a couple dozen LIFE magazines, newspapers and periodicals, this room is dedicated to the Royal Family. His interest in the Royal family can only be explained in one of two ways. First, he lived his entire life in Guelph, The ‘Royal City”. Or two, Queen Elizabeth was coroneted the date of my birth, June 13th, 1953.

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